Happy Hour

We at Kaldi Bar are proud to offer one of the best beer selection in the country and the flagship of our place is a pump with 8 different types of beer at one time. In addition, we propose great ambition for variety and we regularly switch out the selection on the pump, on the other hand, we also offer a great variety of bottled beer. The beer is perhaps the flagship of our bar, but we also proudly present our great selection of strong liquors where we are ambitious in offering the best available in that regard. The same is true of our wine selection, where people can choose between many varieties or enjoy a glass of the chosen wine of the house.  
Although wine is the main reason why people visit the bar, we say that there are more factors that count like the atmosphere offered on arrival at Kaldi Bar and the mood that forms, whether its in a good chat between people or in the light tones that are played on the piano of the place. So stop by at Kaldi Bar where the staff will welcome you with tastings of our quality beer and do all that is in their power to make your experience the best possible. 
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