Terms and conditions for the coupon club Offer.is

  1. To become an active member of offer.is you need to register by providing your name, an active email, date of birth and country of residence.

  2. To activate your free account you need to reply to our email and confirm your registration.

  3. Unless otherwise stated, the account only applies to you and one accompanying guest. The offers are only valid as 2 for 1, not as 4 for 2, etc.

  4. To be able to use the discount coupon, you need to be a registered user on offer.is, download the coupon and show it at the venue, either in a smartphone or with a hard copy.

  5. Service partners have different rules regarding how often each offer can be used. Please refer to the terms on offer.is.
    The advertised discount refers to the full price of services and products. Discounts can never be applied to special offers. In restaurants, the discount applies to the prices of an a la carte menu. Members pay for the more expensive course while the other one is free of charge. Drinks are always paid in full, unless otherwise stated. When two adults use the offer at a restaurant, the less expensive course for an adult is free of charge.

  6. Your membership remains valid until you cancel your registration for Offer.is.

  7. Violation of the terms and conditions of Offer.is will lead to the immediate termination of membership.

  8. The entire content of this site is updated in accordance with the latest agreements with our service partners. Service partners for Offer.is can have temporary or immediate trouble rendering the announced services. This can be due to changes regarding facilities or staff members, due to prevention of operation or a change of ownership, or due to other factors.

  9. A member of Offer.is who experiences any inconvenience with this service is asked to report the incident promptly, so that Offer.is can seek out solutions for the matter at hand.

Terms and conditions last update February 2018.